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Kiran Welcomes U

I welcome u to my world. I tried to make my site a pleasurable trip for u.

About Myself..
I am cool, down-to-earth, friendly. But this pic looks serious? See for more pics on my Gallery. I finished my Master of Computer Applications & currently working for Tech Mahindra Ltd,Pune. We are totally 5, my dad is a teacher, mom is a sweet house-wife. I have 2 younger brothers. First one works for Satyam & last bro is doing CA-Final. We are well-educated, friendly family.

My Interests ....
I like reading. I mostly prefer books on non-fiction & general ones. I read fiction, but thinner books... U can see my readings at MY BOOKSHELF.
I like painting. But it was a bit long time, I touched brush. So, I need to paint walls before I restart painting on canvas.
I enjoy watching nature or landscaping, gardening, walking in fields & soaking in rain. I become child while playing with children.

What's New these days...
I was back from UK on 1st Feb'07. It was a nice trip in Glasgow, London and other beautiful places in England & Scotland.
Now planning to go to Florida,US in March/April.
Theme of Life...
Be Good & Good will Happen to U.
For U...
Dont lose good friends like ME. Exaggeration ?? ;-)

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My Objective is to bring an awareness of the future of the mankind and our role to play. We are witnessing more natural calamities these days. If we try to look into the causes of these, we can conclude that MAN is responsible for these. As a visitor of my site, I want you to keep this in mind & put your effort to conserve this planet to make this a heaven for our children & grandchildren. Then I assume my effort is successful.

For Green House Effect,
  • We should plant more trees. Atleast try not to pluck even a small plant.
  • Use the Public Transport Systems to the maximum instead of private vehicles. Complete avoidance of private vehicles is uncomfortable, but try to avoid to maximum.On the positive side of this issue is that "Walking is good for health".